Jewellery care

My pieces are pretty robust, but like all jewellery they need to be handled with a certain amount of care.

Silver jewellery tarnishes quite easily, and then it doesn't look so great. The best way to avoid pieces getting tarnished is to wear them often - the rubbing against your skin keeps the metal nice and shiny - and when you're not wearing them store them in a box away from direct sunlight. To remove tarnish the best thing is a polish cloth (you can get nice big ones for silverware at shops like Spilhaus) - stay away from chemical solutions.

Transparent cut stones will quickly look dull if they get dirty on the underside, so it's a good idea to give your stone rings and earrings a bit of a clean every now and then to restore the brilliance: to do this soak them in a bowl of hot water with some dishwashing liquid and brush them with an old toothbrush.